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life-is-a-love-story asked: what's wrong with blurred lines tho?


what’s right?

  • See, at it’s base, the song Blurred Lines is essentially, about rape, the “blurred lines” being the line between “No, I don’t want to have sex with you” and “Yes, I want to have sex with you.” The blurred lines means oh you don’t mean to say no, you mean to say yes.
  • Thicke has openly stated that he “loves to degrade women
  • "OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you
    But you’re an animal, baby, it’s in your nature
    Just let me liberate you”
  • here he’s referring to a woman as a wild animal, therefore dehumanizing her. Oh and that she should let him “free” her.
  • Because nearly every goddamn lyric is something rapists have repeatedly used on their victims
  • In this shot we see the girl full frontal with her breasts exposed, totally bare and vulnerable and nude, whereas he is in a full suit, an outfit most commonly associated with power. He’s in charge here.
  • image
  • imagejust this
  • imagenot once in the whole fucking video do the models look like they’re enjoying themselves. They have a dead eyed look and are constantly posing. Tyra’d give them the bottom two for that.
  • So hit me up when you passing through
    I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two
  • I had actually never stomached the entire song until writing this and watched it through for the first time and literally gagged.
  • imageThis. He follows the women around during the video. If a guy followed you on the street or in a club, what would you think? A person’s first response would be to leg it out of there or search for the nearest possible weapon.
  • Plus Robin Thicke is a fuckin creep. Seriously, he’s is like that guy on the bus who always wears parkas even in summer and keeps asking what you had for breakfast.
  • Also Pharrell and TI how dare you trick this poor deluded white guy into thinking he’s cool/hip.
  • Also fuck off with the hashtags we get it, it’s a 36 year old dude trying to be modern

This isn’t as clever or concise as most wonderful metas on that fucking video. But they’re out there.

Meanwhile, watch Mod Carousel’s version, I guarantee it’s a million miles better.

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